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Your purchase of Evergreen hand-cut cards and bookmarks goes directly to support low-income families in the Yangqu area of Shanxi Province, China.

Many women in Shanxi Province need to help provide for their families, but are unable to find wholesome work in their local subsistence farming communities or in the larger nearby cities due to high unemployment. With an average annual family income of only $250 (which is below China’s poverty level), having the opportunity to produce these valuable and beautiful items and to earn additional income are both tremendous blessings.

Currently, there are approximately 35 women cutting cards for Evergreen Cards in China. This Evergreen economic development project serves both urban and rural families at the low-end of the income spectrum as well as strives to touch them in a tangible way with the love of God. Evergreen Cards has modified traditional Chinese paper-cutting designs to appeal to the Western eye and through our marketing of these cards worldwide our card-cutters can earn up to an additional $400 per year.

Every one of these beautiful greeting cards and laminated bookmarks is individually hand-cut. Profits from the sale of these cards are used to further develop this project as well as to provide additional assistance to low-income families in urban and rural areas through Evergreen’s scholarship and Regional Educational Development programs.

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