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Adjusting and Adapting to Local Changes

Establishing non-profit organizations

One of Evergreen’s core values is local appropriateness, by which we mean being mindful of our local context and doing what is best for our current situation. Keeping in line with this value, in 2018, we created a path to incubate new local non-profit organizations (NPOs) that will enable Evergreen to birth and support newly registered entities that then separate from Evergreen. These NPOs will primarily be led by local leaders from Evergreen whom we believe will be our strongest continued means of impact in their local communities.


We are pleased to announce that in March 2019, our Regional Educational Development (RED) project in Yangqu officially became a registered local NPO, independent of Evergreen. Our SOAR Team, in Taiyuan, has also registered a local NPO, called Little Eagles, which was independent of Evergreen at the end of 2019. However, unlike RED which completely closed as an Evergreen project, the SOAR Team continues to exist within Evergreen and continues to collaborate with Little Eagles.


We’re excited to move forward in these new endeavors and look to have other projects follow in RED’s and SOAR’s footsteps. These new NPOs also welcome your financial support. To give to either of these projects, you can donate funds to Evergreen and designate either of the NPOs (Little Eagles NPO or RED NPO) as the beneficiary. Please contact us for more information!