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 Evergreen International Office (China)
The Evergreen International Office, located in Taiyuan, is the main headquarters for all work in China. It is also responsible for processing all short-term workers, long-term workers, and interns.

Shanxi Evergreen Service
Huayi Dasha, Stair C, 16th Floor, No. 7
30 Shuangta Xi Jie
Taiyuan, Shanxi, 030012
PR China

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Phone +86.351.7553710

The North American Office
Based in beautiful Colorado, the North American Office is dedicated to providing excellence in donor and partner support, accounting and legal compliance, and internal and external communications, as well as general support to Evergreen members in China.

Evergreen Family Friendship Service
6660 Delmonico Drive #201
Colorado Springs, CO 80919, USA
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Evergreen Canadian Representative
TEAM Canada has graciously offered to accept all donations to Evergreen from Canadian residents, in order for the gifts to be tax deductible. Please send a note with your donation letting us know the designation.

c/o TEAM Canada
372-16 Midlake Blvd SE
Calgary, AB   T2X 2X7

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