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Our beloved founder, Finn Torjesen, passed away on October 16, 2023 at his home in Colorado. Finn had been battling health issues for years but this sudden decline came as a shock to all. The family is deeply grateful for the love, prayers and support showered on them by so many. Click here for more on the Founders.

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Shanxi Evergreen Service


Shanxi Evergreen Service seeks to be a part of China’s holistic development through
the locally appropriate use of our professional skills. Our passion is to impact the lives of Chinese people and, through working together with them, to see China blessed.

We welcome you to explore our website and learn more about Evergreen and our work!

Our Work

Invited into Shanxi Province by the local government to help with social and economic needs, Evergreen’s founders immediately began investigating what those needs were and the most locally appropriate ways to respond to each.  What evolved are several areas of professional service in which Evergreeners now serve based on the needs of the community in which they live.


Every few years, the Evergreen field staff in China holds a planning meeting to determine whether or not the current professional service areas meet the ongoing needs of the local communities and redefine them as needed.  These professional service areas then help determine our need for additional team members, as well as help us focus on projects that will best serve each community into the future.  We currently serve in three locations in Shanxi Province, through eight identified areas of professional service:

Medical Work and Rehabilitation

Projects address prevention, treatment, diagnostics, surgeries, etc.

Youth Programs

Programs include adventure camps and year-round teen clubs

Economic Development Enterprises

Projects that assist locals to start, develop and run healthy businesses

Consulting and Training Services

Projects that provide professional training and advice


Special needs, Orphaned or Abandoned children’s Resources and services

Family Services

Services provide parent education classes, marriage support, and life skills education

Mental Health Education

Services that provide mental health education

Support Services

Services include administration, organizational management and expatriate children’s education

Current Need

Certified K-8 educators and donations for Shanxi Evergreen International Students (SEIS)

Featured Projects

Shanxi Evergreen International Students

Evergreen Cards

Evergreen is registered in the US as a 501(c)(3) entity, provides public benefit services in China.