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Elementary School Teacher for SEIS:

A certified elementary school teacher is currently needed for Shanxi Evergreen International School (SEIS). In this uniquely rewarding educational environment, teachers are intimately engaged in training and molding Evergreen’s youngest cross-cultural workers while also enabling their parents to more fully invest in their work in the local community. Please contact us if you would like to serve in this integral position. Some financial assistance is available. Click here for more information about SEIS.

Community Center English Teacher:

We are looking for a friendly, energetic, native English speaking, experienced teacher who is interested in being a light in our community by teaching English to children ages 6-13 in our rural community center and helping to train local teachers. For more information, contact us.

Career Service

The core of our organization lies with those who will immerse themselves in the language, culture, and history of this great country. We welcome qualified Christian professionals in the following areas:

  • Elementary school teachers (certified K-8)
  • English teachers
  • Medical doctors and public health professionals
  • Mental health professionals
  • Occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, and physical therapists

2 weeks to 2 months

We welcome those who can help provide expertise for a variety of short-term projects. All volunteers must have sufficient financial support and international medical insurance.


  • English teachers for community center classes and Joy in the Journey summer camp in July and August and winter camp for 2 weeks in January or February
  • Pediatric occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, and physical therapists to serve the children of the SOAR Village during our biannual assessment times in March and October
  • Childcare teams to provide a children’s program for our annual retreats in September and April
  • Mental health professionals with Mandarin language ability who can provide training for Shalom Family Services

We are also able to offer opportunities for 3rd and 4th year medical students to come for an elective clinical rotation with the medical team. Some Mandarin language ability is required.

Please contact the Evergreen International Office with inquiries about any opportunity to join us!