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Calling All Teachers!

Needs-Teachers1Mission Statement
Shanxi Evergreen International School exists to provide a quality education with integrated Biblical principles for the children of Evergreen members, so that the parents will be free to carry out the objectives of Shanxi Evergreen Service.

The school also exists:

  • To prepare students mentally, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to live godly lives in Chinese and home-country societies,
  • To equip students to interact comfortably with Chinese people, and
  • To aid students in making a smooth transition to their home country and higher education.

Background and Location
Shanxi Evergreen International School (SEIS) was created to help meet the educational needs of the families of Evergreen Family Friendship Service.  Established in 1993 under special invitation of the local government, Evergreen serves to assist the common people of Shanxi Province through the development of public benefit services.  Areas of service now include medical care and public health, agriculture, education, business incubation, and orphan care.  SEIS allows Evergreen families a strong local schooling option for their children, which enables them to stay on the field long term and to focus on their work without worrying about educational needs or exhorbitant costs.

SEIS is located on the eastern slopes of Taiyuan, the capital city of Shanxi Province.  Located in the center of the province, Taiyuan is the political, economic, and cultural center of Shanxi.  It is a city of over three million people.  In the vincinity of Taiyuan are many attractions including Jinci Temple and Mount Tianlong Grottoes, and a strong public transportation network.

Needs-Teachers3Overview of the School
Children from Evergreen’s three regions of service commute up to 30 minutes to the school.  Our teaching staff has always been blessed with at least one licensed Western teacher, a Chinese language teacher, and short-term teachers or teaching assistants from overseas.  Presently, SEIS includes children from kindergarten to grade eight, and provides some oversight to high school students who are doing independent study.  All classes are taught in English based on an American curriculum.  A Chinese language teacher teaches Mandarin Chinese.

Additional Ministry Opportunities
Teaching in China also provides opportunities for personal ministry among the Chinese people.  Our teachers have served in a number of different ways:

  • Training Sunday School teachers for the local church
  • Teaching English to neighborhood children and young adults
  • Training Chinese English teachers in summer programs
  • With spouse, mentoring young Chinese couples
  • Building relationships with Chinese SEIS staff
  • Helping at the orphanage

Needs-Teachers2Teacher Qualifications
SEIS is looking for individuals who have a heart for educating children in an overseas international ministry setting.

Long-term career teacher

  • Committed Christian
  • Certified teacher with at least one year of teaching experience
  • Conversational Chinese ability or willing to study Chinese through Evergreen

Short-term teacher

  • Committed Christian
  • Certified teacher
  • Minimum time commitment: one school year (August through June).
  • Housing provided

Short-term teaching assistant

  • Committed Christian
  • Minimum time commitment:  one school semester
  • Housing provided

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Current Opportunities

Teachers are greatly needed! Click here for more information and to see a listing of current financial and personnel opportunities...



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