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Special needs, Orphaned, or Abandoned children’s Resources

Working to keep kids in families and caring for those who have none


SOAR is committed to working with local institutions, families, and individuals to see vulnerable children given the best opportunities possible. Whether through our Family Preservation Program, which supports families in choosing to keep and raise their child with disability, or through our work with children in orphanages, we are thrilled to be a part of seeing real change.

Community Support


The SOAR Team is excited to partner with local organizations serving children with disability. From conducting staff training to hands on interaction with the children through weekly classes, the team is thrilled to help new services for special kids grow in our community.

Update on The SOAR Village

In 2014, the doors opened for us to partner with the local orphanage in dramatic new ways and, after 5 years of this successful project, they have taken on the specialized care for 50+ children with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.

Due to the pandemic, we have not been allowed to make our weekly visits to the children, but we do continue to provide vital nutritional supplements and health and hygiene items along with fun treats, too, like birthday cakes. We are prepared to return as volunteers as soon as the doors reopen and we continue to advocate for those who have international adoption files. For more information, please contact us.

Your prayers and/or your financial gifts of any amount enable our ongoing participation in the children’s lives. Partner with us here.

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Family Preservation

Helping parents keep kids with special needs

The Family Service Center (now run in partnership with a local organization) is a welcoming place for families to get the information, assessment, and support they need. In order to prevent the heart-breaking decision to abandon, SOAR continues to be involved in supporting families facing the prospect of raising a child with disability. By providing a bridge to correct information and resources we hope to see the end of abandonment as parents are empowered to understand, embrace, and raise their child.

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