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Family Services

Shalom Family Services

Opened in 2015 in the Jinzhong (Yuci) region, Evergreen’s Shalom Family Services seeks to bring “shalom” – wholeness, well-being, peace and victory – to individuals, couples, and families by providing training, support, resources, and assistance in the name of Christ.  We aim to provide ethical training as well as provide a system of support that encourages follow-up and application to their lives. We hope that all participants will feel welcomed and accepted through our caring services.

Our services include:

  • Couples’ Mentorship
  • Marriage Training & Support
  • Premarital Training & Support
  • Parenting Training & Support
  • Mom’s Training & Support
  • Men’s Training & Support
  • Young Adults’ Life Skills Training & Support
  • Challenged Teens’ Life Skills Training & Support
  • Workshops on topics that directly influences the family

In addition, Shalom is committed to advancing professional mental health services through partnership with local medical institutions. We are looking for more professional mental health professionals willing to help train and serve in China.

Family-Services---marriage-enrichment-workshopFor inquiries or more information about Shalom Family Services, please contact us.

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