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Medical Work and Rehabilitation

Working in Shanxi for over 20 years, the enduring focus of the Evergreen Medical Team has been to bring about transformation by working within existing structures and in cooperation with government health agencies to enhance the delivery of medical and public health services. Another major priority has been the training of Chinese staff and leadership with the ultimate goal of handing over the work.

Evergreen is involved in the following areas of medical work:


Clinical Work

Evergreen has had many physicians licensed to practice in China who provided excellent patient-centered care. Clinical care and health education have been provided in villages and in the out-patient department of several local hospitals. Evergreen doctors have also provided continuing medical education to local doctors and trained medical residents.


Lactation Training and Consulting

A Dutch midwife/lactation consultant joined Evergreen’s medical work in 2000. Since 2013 her focus has been on lactation training for hospital staff and for those in the community supporting breastfeeding women, providing support for breastfeeding mothers in the hospital and at home, and teaching antenatal classes through a local breastfeeding promotion association. She also has a website that provides expectant and new mothers with accurate information about pregnancy, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, and the postnatal period. For more information, visit www.yunfuxuexiao.net.


Rehabilitation work began in 2010 in the much-needed area of stroke rehabilitation and expanded to working through home health, community health service centers, and the rehab departments of local hospitals to provide care to patients and encourage therapists as they improve their skills. The rehab team has also contributed to the SOAR Project, providing support for the orphans and their caregivers.

Samaritan Program

Evergreen’s Samaritan Program has helped pay for diagnostic tests, surgeries, or medicines for selected patients already on the brink of poverty, and for whom medical expenses would have been financially crippling. Through our social worker and physicians, the Samaritan Program has also provided patients with compassionate care and sound guidance concerning their medical treatment.

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